Our Outside-in/ Inside-Out Philosophy Lismore is a global advisory firm focused on combining outside-in perspective with an inside-out understanding of your capabilities to rapidly accelerate business value.

As markets move faster, Lismore accelerates business value, offering.

Today’s post-recession, digitally linked market is constantly evolving – requiring new approaches in outperforming the competition. Using our “outside-in” approach we listen to customers and influencers, break down markets and uncover promising future opportunities. We integrate “inside-out” understanding of your business and its core assets to translate trends into pragmatic action plans that generate sustainable solutions.

The Lismore team is different, and that’s your advantage

Our clients expect more from our teams – and they get it. Every Lismore client is assigned a team composed of seasoned practitioners with deep, hands-on experience who engage high-impact Lismore Advisors drawn from a global network of 400 business leaders. This perspective allows clients to identify opportunities faster and expand their influence beyond their current business sphere. Our teams provide clients additional bench strength and a talent pool for future Advisory Boards.

The Lismore approach is a difference that delivers

For more than 20 years, Lismore has consistently delivered for clients in multiple industries, markets and regions. We measure our success in the same way clients do: Revenue, Cash Flow, Market Share and Enterprise Value.

philosophy-insight Our Philosophy in Action – see real world examples, whitepapers and more in Our Insights.