Our Network of Experts and Problem Solvers Because every client challenge is different, every team is customized to include a dedicated Lismore Practitioner and Lismore Advisors who bring the most relevant real-world experience and industry expertise.
All team members have exceptional credentials, honed by C-suite experience across industries, and around the globe. Each is deeply involved with every client engagement, an indication of our commitment to their success.

Lismore Leadership Close-up

Each member of Lismore’s leadership team has a unique business background and skill set, giving us the flexibility to provide appropriate strategic direction to a wide variety of client challenges.

Lismore Principals

Lismore Principals are hand selected to ensure that the most knowledgeable team is on every client engagement. This ensures outside-in perspectives based on experiences most relevant to client needs. The Principals shown below are representative of the talent available to our clients.

Lismore Advisor Network

Lismore clients receive the unparalleled expertise of an Advisory Board drawn from the ranks of our extensive Advisor Network. Every Advisory Board is fully customized, composed of select industry leaders with expertise in the client’s industry and specific issues.

The Advisory Board is joined with key Lismore Principals and a Lismore Team Leader who drives the process and interacts directly with client leadership. The result is a unique, tightly focused process where the client receives the benefit of an expert sounding board, unbiased opinions, creative thinking, confidential counsel and practical strategic guidance drawn from industry and business leaders.

The size and composition of Lismore Advisory Boards is determined by client needs, and may change as those needs evolve over the course of the engagement. What never changes is the Boards’ unique outside-in perspective, a critical success factor for creating strategies that accelerate business value, whether in response to changing internal dynamics or external market forces.

Advisory boards
Business advisory boards bring strategic advice derived from deep real-world experience to issues facing today’s organizations. Flexible and non-fiduciary in nature, advisory boards are uniquely positioned to deliver unbiased direction.